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Tridimage diseño industrial de botella para vodka Sernova Fratelli Branca

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Sernova – Fratelli Branca

Reinventing a Vodka Brand to Compete in The Big Leagues

1. The Challenge

Tailoring the Design for the Premium Segment in a New Market

Fratelli Branca Destilerías, the Argentine company renowned for producing the iconic Fernet Branca, made the strategic decision to introduce Vodka Sernova, an Italian-origin product. While this classic beverage hadn't seen any recent innovations, the vodka market in Argentina was undergoing substantial expansion. Upon evaluating the financial viability of this venture, it became apparent that the current design elements were ill-suited for the Argentine market. As a result, we were entrusted with the task of undertaking a structural redesign of both the bottle and label graphics. Our foremost objective was to ensure that the product could be locally produced while retaining its distinct European essence. Secondly, we aimed to craft a style that could effectively vie in the premium segment.

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Tridimage diseño industrial de botella vodka Sernova
Tridimage análisis de competencia marca vodka Sernova
Tridimage narrativa de marca vodka Sernova
Tridimage prototipo diseño industrial de botella vodka Sernova

2. The Solution

We Introduced an International Touch to Elevate the Perceived Quality

Our process commenced with a meticulous examination of the existing bottle and a thorough study of the primary competitors. This allowed us to pinpoint areas for enhancement. The distinctive features of Sernova, notably its high-quality water source and black diamond filtration, inspired us to fashion a crystal-clear bottle infused with opulent elements adhering to global design codes. Given the drink's close association with nightlife culture, we aimed for a sleeker and more sophisticated aesthetic. At the structural design level, our decisions led to a lighter bottle, significantly reducing both its production cost and carbon footprint. The label graphics subtly nod to the Italian flag, paying homage to the brand's origins, and are topped with a gleaming silver star—a symbol that echoes the essence of the original European bottle.

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Sernova – Fratelli Branca
Sernova – Fratelli Branca
Tridimage diseño industrial de botella vodka Sernova
Tridimage diseño branding vodka Sernova
Tridimage diseño extensión de línea vodka Sernova saborizado
Tridimage diseño look & feel vodka Sernova
Tridimage diseño look & feel vodka Sernova

3. The Results

A Refined Identity Infusing Dynamism into The Vodka Category

The relaunch of Sernova into the market with its refined design, appealing to the senses, underscored its standing as an exceptional vodka. It not only heightened its differentiation, alignment with the category, but also enhanced its communication resonance among the target audience. The launch event, hosted in Ushuaia, marked the inaugural edition of an exclusive international celebration that is slated to be a recurring affair in the years ahead. The new Sernova bottle garnered such overwhelming success in Argentina that it was subsequently introduced in the European market, surpassing expectations on both fronts.

Innovation at Fratelli Branca is encapsulated in the company's global motto, "Novare serbando" (innovate while preserving). This ethos revolves around evolving while steadfastly adhering to one's roots, history, values, ethics, and unwavering commitment to quality. Sernova embodies this distinctive essence—a vodka that stands apart, embodying a rare and peerless quality. We are dedicated to leading the way, providing the public with cutting-edge experiences that push boundaries.
Carolina Del Hoyo

Carolina Del Hoyo Fratelli Branca Regional Marketing Director (source:

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