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Packaging design for CPG brands that need to consolidate their leadership.

We revitalize leading brands to reclaim their place as the preferred choice among consumers.

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We help them to keep their image attractive and relevant, without losing their essence.

Explore the success of brands that evolved through Tridimage's expertise.


Cocoa needed to enter new generations of Ecuadorian households. But after years without revaluation, the brand looked outdated. We had to rejuvenate the image; make an “upgrade” that highlights what is most significant for our public about the brand and the product. The Tridimage team accompanied us and made us feel involved in the project from the very beginning. They listened to the people who had worked the most years with the brand and considered the points of view from different areas. The work was well analyzed from the creation and during the execution; it gave us a lot of security that they also made a study of the market in our country.

Testimony 4

Claudia Gómez Jefa de la Categoría Modificadores en La Universal

We needed to change our storytelling because the brand was associated with a baby product that we no longer make; now we have another super product. Tridimage offers a very important added value for me, which is the way they approach the project, with a 360º strategy. The diagnostic process was extremely structured and organized. They reached a deep understanding of the situation and established super clear steps to move towards the evolution of Pequeñín.

Testimony 3

María Adelaida Peñaloza Hoyos Senior Brand Product Manager Essity

We turn to Tridimage when faced with projects requiring a substantial redesign or the introduction of a new product, particularly when we need to challenge established norms. They excel in interpreting and understanding our needs. Molinos boasts brands with a rich history, and when discussing evolution or brand updates, there’s a natural apprehension about losing its essence. The team adeptly gauges the extent of a redesign, ensuring our origins are preserved.

Testimonial 2

Verónica Zawadzki Head of Communications at Molinos Río de la Plata

What I always seek in an agency is their ability to assist throughout the entire creative process of branding and packaging, possessing both a commercial and aesthetic vision. The Tridimage team successfully envisioned how our product would resonate with the consumer base, compelling them to make a purchase. One year after the launch, Fawna stands as one of the top-selling foods in major retail outlets, surpassing sales targets by a significant margin.

Testimonial 1

Marcos Giordano Marketing Director at Baires


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