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About Us

We are strategists and design professionals with a passion for packaging.

We operate from Argentina, serving clients worldwide. Our creativity knows no boundaries.

In 1995, this passion led us to establish Tridimage: the first agency in our country (and in Latin America) to integrate graphic design with industrial design for packaging creation. Because packaging must communicate and seduce in three dimensions.

Our team unites talented individuals who engage in genuine collaboration. The diverse perspectives within our team guarantee a multidisciplinary approach to every branding and packaging project from the outset.

We believe in the power of combining form, graphics, materials, texture, and color to elevate each product to its optimal version.

Our goal is for the packaging to not only stand out and evoke emotions but also contribute to save the planet.

With nearly three decades of experience, we possess a deep understanding of brand repositioning, having undergone our own transformative journey.

We’ve noticed that most companies turn to Tridimage when faced with a challenging decision: the need for change.

Therefore, our main mission has become assisting leading brands that need to evolve without losing their essence. We step into their shoes to comprehend where they come from and where they are headed.

Meet our management team

First Image Gallery

Equipo de diseño Tridimage evaluando bocetos de diseños de botellas y etiquetas
Equipo de diseño Tridimage trabajando en sala de conferencias
Close up de prototipo de botella. Diseño estructural de packaging por Tridimage.
Tridimage, nuestra casa.

Recognitions for our work

<p class="margin-bottom-p">We take immense pride in our work because it makes lives easier and businesses better. We are particularly excited whenever a Tridimage project receives recognition from the marketing and packaging design community. <strong>Our agency has been privileged to receive numerous prestigious awards, both nationally and internationally.</strong></p> <p class="margin-bottom-p">These accolades are a direct outcome of the passion, hard work, and dedication exhibited by our talented team. Furthermore, they serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and creativity, always aligned with the expectations of the brands and the consumer.</p>

Segunda Gallería del Imágenes

Equipo Tridimage Pentawards gala 2023
Botella y packaging premium de agua Gondwana, disño por Tridimage. Premio Pentawrds Bronce 2017
Botella de vodka Sernova, diseño por Tridimage. A Design Award Plata 2022
Acercamiento a la mano de mujer escaneando con un smartphone una etiqueta de mermelada de Tuna Las Quinas & Mujeres de la Cañada. En la pantalla se ve una app vinculada al proyecto triple impacto de la empresa. Trabajo desarrollado por Tridimage junto a Avery Dennison, CellR, HP y Etiketten.

Engagements and collaborations

<p class="margin-bottom-p">We are honored to receive invitations as <strong>judges and speakers at both national and international conferences and exhibitions.</strong> Our expertise encompasses trend analysis and the development of tools to tackle challenges in packaging design. Through these engagements, we have the opportunity to disseminate innovative ideas and offer unique perspectives to audiences across the globe.</p> <p class="margin-bottom-p">In addition, we actively participate in significant <strong>triple impact initiatives.</strong> Collaborating with inspiring individuals who align with our vision of crafting a better world is a source of great excitement for us.</p>


Hernán Braberman de Tridimage en conferencia
Hernán Braberman de Tridimage jurado en los Pentawards 2023
Adriana Cortese recibiendo A Design Award en Italia
Hernán Braberman de Tridimage en conferencia
Hernán Braberman de Tridimage jurado en Vertex Awards 2023
Guillermo Dufranc de Tridimage en conferencia
Tridimage en colaboración con Las Quinas por Mujeres de la Cañada
Hernan Braberman de Tridimage entrevistado por CNN en Español
Hernan Braberman dictando taller en Ladfest Perú
Tridimage dictando taller de diseño de packaging
Tridimage dictando conferencia de diseño de packaging en España