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Dos empaques de toallitas húmedas Pequeñín almendra y un bebé que sonríe en un entorno luminoso.

Mercado del proyecto

  • Colombia

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  • Ecuador

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  • República Dominicana

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  • Bolivia

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Pequeñín – Essity

Promoting a Caring-Expert Brand

1. The Challenge

Growing in the Mind of Families

Pequeñín, a leading brand of wet wipes for babies in the region, faced the challenge of redesigning its entire product line to maintain and increase purchase intent. We began by conducting an exhaustive audit of their identity and portfolio. As a result, we discovered that they had lost part of their brand equity, and that the value proposition of each product was not identified.

To redefine the essence and purpose of the brand, we conducted a co-creation workshop with the Essity team. The result was a brand pyramid that provided Pequeñín with clarity on the way forward. The goal of the new designs would be to reinforce the positioning in the mind of the consumer and facilitate the purchase of the products.

We needed to change our storytelling because the brand was associated with a baby product that we no longer make; now we have another super product. Tridimage offers a very important added value for me, which is the way they approach the project, with a 360º strategy. The diagnostic process was extremely structured and organized. They reached a deep understanding of the situation and established super clear steps to move towards the evolution of Pequeñín.
María Adelaida Peñaloza Hoyos

María Adelaida Peñaloza Hoyos Senior Brand Product Manager Essity

First Image Gallery

Cuatro empaques de toallitas húmedas Pequeñín líneas experto y superior, por Tridimage.
Páginas con diagnóstico de marca y portafolio Pequeñín, por Tridimage.
Capturas de workshop de co-creación de esencia de marca Pequeñín, por Tridimage.
Cuatro empaques de toallitas húmedas Pequeñín línea multi cuidado, por Tridimage.

2. The Solution

Protecting and Evolving the Most Precious

First, we identified the Little Duckling logo as the brand's most important distinctive asset. In a previous redesign, the iconic duckling, a character that had a strong emotional connection with people, had been lost. We reinstated it in a minimalist version, to improve brand recall and versatility by reproducing it in different shapes and sizes.

The second key asset was the brand color. We emphasized its presence in the packaging design to gain visibility at the point of sale, and optimized its harmonization with the colors that identify each variety. We also reorganized the communication of the key claims of each product, establishing new hierarchies and adding more attractive key visual elements.

Segunda Gallería del Imágenes

Pequeñín – Essity
Pequeñín – Essity
Nuevo rediseño de logo Pequeñín, por Tridimage.
Nuevo rediseño de logo Pequeñín, por Tridimage.
Empaques de toallitas húmedas Pequeñín línea promocional, por Tridimage.
Diseño de manual de marca Pequeñín, por Tridimage.
Layout de góndola para el nuevo packaging Pequeñín, por Tridimage.

3. The Results

A Brand that Reaches More and More People

A study with current and potential buyers in Colombia and Ecuador revealed a notable increase in the purchase intention of Pequeñín products thanks to the packaging redesign. Point-of-sale evaluations were also conducted. These showed that the visual impact of the new design increased significantly, and that there is a greater preference for the new logo. We created a look & feel that enhances the icon and turns it into a powerful element that people instantly associate with the brand.

Openness, structure and impeccable design. These are the three aspects that stand out from the Tridimage team. The work experience exceeded our expectations. We were presented with four proposals and we were able to test two of them. Today we are starting to see our product on the shelf with more impact and coherence. It is easier for the shopper to find the products. Pequeñín has modernized and evolved as a brand, while maintaining the 39-year trajectory that positions us as experts.
María Adelaida Peñaloza Hoyos

María Adelaida Peñaloza Hoyos Senior Brand Product Manager Essity

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