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Mujer santiagueña sostiene una tuna con frutos. Primer plano de una mano que escane con un smartphone la etiqueta de un frasco de mermelada de tuna Las Quinas x Mujeres de la Cañada. Diseño por Tridimage.

Mercado del proyecto

  • Argentina

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Las Quinas X Mujeres de La Cañada – Las Quinas

Establishing an Emotional Connection Through Connected Packaging

1. The Challenge

Touching People's Hearts With a Distinctive Narrative

In a world where organic and sustainable food is thriving, Las Quinas distinguishes itself as a brand committed to producing food with a triple impact. Its mission extends beyond satisfying taste buds; it also centers on environmental stewardship and fostering social progress in underserved communities. Aligned with this vision, Las Quinas embarked on a mission to revive the forgotten flavors of Santiago del Estero, Argentina, achieved through the production of prickly pear jam. Simultaneously, this endeavor aimed to support the community of La Cañada, an enchanting town in this province. The primary challenge was communicating this distinctive narrative in a world of digitally connected consumers, while also entering a fiercely competitive market. This venture necessitated collaboration with key stakeholders who shared this vision and contributed a unique edge.

First Image Gallery

Tres frascos de mermelada de tuna Las Quinas exhibidos de forma elegante. Diseño por Tridimage.
Mosaico de ilustraciones de higo de tuna generadas con inteligencia artificial.
Mujer diseña en la computadora etiqueta de mermelada de tuna Las Quinas. Diseño por Tridimage.

2. The Solution

Utilizing Cutting-edge Technology to Craft a Memorable Experience

To create packaging that would captivate consumers, Las Quinas joined forces with Tridimage, along with Avery Dennison, Cellr, HP Indigo, and Etiketten. Their aim was to design labels with a striking visual presence that would provide access to a virtual experience, offering insights into the product's history and the brand's social impact. Leveraging HP Indigo digital printing technology and Generative Artificial Intelligence, each label showcases a vivid and bespoke illustration. The depiction of a female hand and the texture of the prickly pear fruit serve as powerful symbols, reflecting the tireless efforts and commitment of the women of La Cañada. By utilizing NFC technology to scan the labels, individuals can uncover the stories behind each jar of jam. This multidimensional communication strategy was devised to amplify the project's impact, transparency, and outreach.

Achieving excellent packaging, a top-quality product, and compelling design is indeed a significant challenge. However, the most critical aspect is crafting a compelling storytelling. At Las Quinas, our mission is to not only provide exceptional products but also to spotlight the efforts of disadvantaged communities. We aim to establish a seamless connection from the cultivation site to the dining table. Providing comprehensive information is essential to ensure our customers' peace of mind, as their choices shape the world they want to inhabit. By creating a virtual experience that offers insights into the project and the brand's core values, we are able to fulfill this commitment effectively.
Ricardo Parra

Ricardo Parra Founder & CEO at Las Quinas

Segunda Gallería del Imágenes

Fila de frascos de mermelada de tuna Las Quinas. Diseño por Tridimage.
Manos sostienen un catálogo de colores y varias muestras de etiquetas de mermelada de tuna Las Quinas. Diseño por Tridimage.
Manos filman con un smartphone la impresión de etiquetas de mermelada de tuna Las Quinas. Diseño por Tridimage.
Tres hombres controlan muestras impresas de etiquetas de mermelada de tuna Las Quinas. Diseño por Tridimage.
Manos colocan etiquetas en un frasco de mermelada de tuna Las Quinas. Diseño por Tridimage.
Acercamiento a la mano de mujer escaneando con un smartphone una etiqueta de mermelada de Tuna Las Quinas & Mujeres de la Cañada. En la pantalla se ve una app vinculada al proyecto triple impacto de la empresa. Trabajo desarrollado por Tridimage junto a Avery Dennison, CellR, HP y Etiketten.

3. The Results

Design With a Triple Positive Impact

The Las Quinas project extends its influence beyond the food industry: it brings about economic, social, and environmental benefits to the region. It offers a fresh source of income to a group of women in vulnerable circumstances, while also contributing to the preservation of an age-old tradition. Through this initiative, these women have regained their confidence and pride. Their jams pay homage to local culture and raise awareness about the significance of ventures that strive for a triple impact. In the 2023 edition of the Mappa fair, Las Quinas, in collaboration with Mujeres de La Cañada, received the Local Commitment Award. Additionally, the packaging design was awarded the Silver Pentawards 2023 in the Connected Packaging category. This project serves as a vivid example of how technology and innovation can unite to create positive change in the world.

When Hernán Braberman informed us that Tridimage was joining our cause, we had no doubt they would successfully bridge the essence of this Triple Impact project with the consumer base. However, as is often the case with Tridimage, they surpassed every expectation we held. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for helping us realize one of our dreams! Collaborating with you as a team has been an incredibly enriching experience.
Ricardo Parra

Ricardo Parra Founder & CEO at Las Quinas

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