¡tridimage turns 25!


On June 6, 1995, the tridimage agency was founded by Adriana Cortese, Virginia Gines and Hernán Braberman. 25 years later its three partners answer the question: What does tridimage mean to you?


Adriana Cortese | Executive Creative Director

“For me tridimage is like a mirage. 
When it becomes tangible, I always see a new goal that seduces me, excites me and drives me to reach it.
It is a beautiful labyrinth that offers me exits that I never want to find, because the important thing for me is the path that leads me to look for them.
It’s a continuous search of 25 years.”

Virginia Gines | Executive Design Director

“25 years is nothing. Twenty-five years have passed since an astral conjunction occurred in our lives…so tridimage was born.
Three people, three generations, three industrial designers; that’s how we started designing packaging, a path we built and transformed as we went along.
Today we are strategists, and we design to bring brands to life.
The path will continue, we are going for 25 more years.”

Hernán Braberman | Executive Design Director

“To me tridimage means constant reinvention. It’s a perfect combination of transformation, novelty and experience. Just as we reinvented hundreds of brands over the past 25 years, we live out our reinvention on a daily basis.”