My Packaging Stories: Stories of how some packages become brands


The new digital book by Guillermo Dufranc, Project Manager of tridimage, “My Packaging Stories: Stories on how some packaging becomes brands” has just been published.

The book can be downloaded for FREE from Friday April 24th to Tuesday April 28th at Amazon.

Have you ever wondered why the packaging of cleaners has rays of light?

You brush your teeth with a paste of one brand, drink water of another brand, eat a cereal of another brand. You are surrounded by brands and packaging that have only one mission, to stay in your mind.

In this book Guillermo Dufranc tells first-person stories of how his interpretation of packaging changed and what its function is beyond the container.

He shares his observations that reveal the different mechanisms behind the construction of a brand that expresses itself from packaging.

You can find the e-book at Amazon.