ClassicPack: packaging design dresses with nostalgia

Guillermo Dufranc, Project Manager of tridimage, shares the first of seven packaging design strategies that are revolutionizing CPG brands. In this video you will learn about the first of the strategies that are using emerging and established brands to achieve customer preference: ClassicPack.

“The past is the future.” Some consumers, and especially millennials, idealize the past. They find in it an escape from today’s frenetic lifestyle, an antidote to a world of change. Back to times with a slower pace of life where attention was paid to details and love and passion were poured into the products.

Combining the classic with the contemporary is a way of representing feelings of nostalgia and recreating a return to the past with a current feel. It´s about looking retro, but not old.

Used not only to communicate the trajectory of a company, new brands without tradition use this design strategy to identify with a part of the past. This is why a large number of emerging brands adopt this strategy to dress in classics.