EssentialPack: Packaging design gets rid of the superfluous

Guillermo Dufranc, Project Manager at tridimage, shares the second of seven packaging design strategies that are revolutionizing the mass market. In this video you will learn about the second of the strategies that are using established and emerging brands to achieve consumer preference: EssentialPack.

Trapped in a changing and unpredictable world, consumers strive to gain control and focus, seeking to relax again.

The saturation of information and stimuli in which we live makes brands that scream less stand out today. By understanding the need for simplicity, clarity and order, these brands become facilitators, allies that allow us to refocus.

In order to regain control in the context of purchasing, we bet on highlighting only the essential, the relevant, carrying out an exercise of reducing what is superfluous in order to keep only what really matters. We seek to communicate as clearly and concretely as possible. No distractions or overloaded decorative elements. That is why many brands are simplifying and strengthening their message to reach the consumer directly without noise in communication.