To Infinity and Beyond!: Augmented Reality Applied to the New Designs of Ilolay Functional Milks


In a world that is consistently going digital, packaging has been a constant presence in the physical world. Finding ways for packaging to provide a consumer with both a physical and digital experience can lead to highly beneficial opportunities for brands.

When it comes to designing packaging that will stand out on shelves and drive purchase decisions for digitally-driven consumers, it’s important to consider adding Augmented Reality as an extra ingredient to engage, inform and entertain them.

The new functional milks from ilolay are a commitment to innovation in terms of product, packaging, design and communication.

Tridimage and its technology partner CamOnApp developed an innovative communication tool for the category: an augmented reality experience that communicates the attributes and benefits of ilolay functional milks. To access the experience, just download the CamOnApp application free of charge to your smartphone to scan the packaging fronts.

Harnessing these technologies allows to bridge the physical and the digital, pushing the boundaries of brand experience. In this context, packaging takes on a fascinating new role as a media channel in its own right.

This new point of contact strengthens the link between the ilolay brand and consumers seeking a healthy lifestyle by bringing relevant information to them in a novel way.

This is just the beginning; tridimage renewed the packaging image of the entire ilolay product family with a clean design that uses friendly shapes and typographies to strengthen the brand’s relationship with its consumers.